Satire in Pride and Prejudice

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Pride and Prejudice-Satirical Essay: The Limitation of the Choices of Women in Marriage, Property, and Independence
Over the years the role women have occupied in society has drastically changed. In present times women are at the liberty to accomplish virtually any ambitions they have for themselves. However in prior time periods women were not allowed such freedom in their aspirations of the future. Nineteenth Century England, known as the Regency Era, is an example of one these time periods in which the choices of women were restricted. In response to this restriction of rights, many nineteenth century novels dealt with the criticism of the limited choices women were offered with regard to marriage, property and independence. In her novel Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen takes a more humorous approach to the subject by writing a satirical novel of manners. Most authors use conflict to drive the theme of their story, but as Pride and Prejudice has no major conflict; Jane Austen uses her characters to satirize the issues of Regency England. Austen, a woman who herself didn’t get married during the Regency Era, believed that the whole importance people had concerning a woman’s marriage was completely inane. This conviction is expressed through the characters in her book; as they render issues that were held in the highest regard at the time seem senseless.The first character introduced to us in the story is Mrs.Bennet who plays the role of the typical Regency mother who is trying to get her daughters married off. “Oh! Single, my dear to be sure! A single man with large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!” (Page6). Jane Austen begins her satirical novel by introducing the sort of mother most Regency women had, ones that were marriage-crazed and eager to find appropriate suitors for their daughter(s). Most mothers, similar to Mrs.Bennet, had the idea that if a man was single and wealthy, he must be searching for a wife....
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