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Sapient Placement Questions

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Sapient Placement Questions

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  • October 2012
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Hi I am Krishna Kishore Appala a student of PGDSD in IIIT Bangalore 2011 at h! "e entl# Sapient $orporation ame to our ollege for pla ement and here I am posting the sele tion pro edure of it! It %as a t%o da# pla ement e&ent ha&ing three rounds ' Da# 1' (ritten Test ' Aspiring minds ondu ted the %ritten test in our ollege! It onsists of ) se tions *uantitati&e Aptitude +"!S Agar%al %ill e suffi ient,- Te hni al Aptitude+Basi s and o.p in $- $//0a&a,- 1nglish+Paragraphs- Anton#ms- s#non#ms- G"1 Barrons %ill e helpfull,- 2ogi al A ilit#+"easoning # "!S Agar%al is more than enough,!The duration is 2 hours! Sin e its an online e3am - e&en if u dont omplete the se tion it %ill 4ump to the ne3t se tion! So 5eep an e#e on time running on top right orner! The results are announ ed after 2 hours! Da# 2' Te hni al Inter&ie% ' It is a 1 hour 16 minutes round for me! In this round H" %ill as5 7uestions on there %ish- and those 7uestions are need not to e from $omputer S ien e! 8or me he as5ed in $hemistr# +a out 9:one la#er- ;um er of mole ules inded in it ' 9< - (hat if $ar on dio3ide $92 is mi3ed %ith $ar on mono3ide $9,! 2ater he 4umped to asi s of $-$//-0a&a li5e 1n apsulation- Pol#morphism- 1arl# inding2ate Binding- "efle tion on ept In 4a&a! Then he as5ed a out 9ra le! He ga&e nearl# 10 7ueries for me to %rite and e3e ute in his laptop- 9ut of %hi h i ha&e done =! Those 7ueries onsists Se ond ma3 salar# +%hi h is a ommon 7uestion,- on epts of 4oins- ursors and triggers! This round is mainl# stress inter&ie% and ne3t 7uestion depends on the pre&ious ans%er! H" ' (hat is hemi al omposition of 9:one > ?1 ' 9< H" ' (hat is < in that > ?1 ' ;um er of mole ules BI;D1D together! H" ' So- (here do u ome a ross the %ord @BI;DI;G@ in programming languages > ?1 ' In 0a&a the on epts of 1arl# Binding and 2ate Binding ! This is to tell u that the H" an 4ump from one su 4e t to other +from $hemistr# to 0a&a, "esults are out immediatel#...

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