Santos Timber Company

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Santos Timber Company

• The point of view of Carlos Vinces, Alfredo Santos’ partner, is assumed. The group believes that the case is better handled by Vinces since he was the one who hired Felix Cruz, character involved in their disagreement, in the company.


A. Industry Analysis
• The firm cut logs and hauled them twenty kilometers to the coast where they were sold to an assembler – exporter. • There are also a number of other logging outfits in the area. This, in good sense, created a pool of experienced applicants to fill newly created positions in the company.

B. Company Analysis
• Santos Timber Company was a small partnership. It was a logging firm which operated out of a forest concession owned by Mr. Santos. The firm cut logs and hauled them twenty-three kilometers to the coast where they were sold to an assembly exporter. The company had a total of 29 employees – 18 who worked the logging area, and a crew of seven truckers and helpers, who operated the company’s five trucks. There were 2 mechanics, 1 bookkeeper, and one log-pond guard. A foreman was in charge of the employees in the logging area, and Mr. Vinces supervised all the other employees, including the truckers. • Santos Timber Company is a partnership between Mr. Alfredo Santos and Carlos Vinces, husband of the former’s niece. The company is originally owned by Santos. But when Santos had to leave the province to manage his fiancé’s business, Vinces was suggested by Santos’ sister, Vinces’ mother-in-law, to manage the business in the absence of him. Vinces invested P34,000.00 to the enterprise as a partner. This is the result of what Santos had felt and that is, if Vinces were to manage the logging operation, he should be financially involved in the venture in order to be a more responsible manager. The partnership had been formed in 1973. • Because of the distance between Manila and the province, Vinces would have the sole responsibility for most management decisions. It was understood; however, that he would consult Santos on all major policy questions. • Shortly after Vinces took over, the company acquired three reconditioned trucks and expanded operations. Vinces had no difficulty in finding people to fill the newly created positions.

C. Case Issues
• The main case issue is that Santos wanted Cruz to be dismissed but Vinces doesn’t want him to be dismissed. In other words, Vinces like Cruz but Santos doesn’t. This is what their disagreement all about.

Vinces like Cruz simply because of his performances and contributions to the company (Table 1).

Table 1. Reasons why Vinces like Cruz as trucker. |Reason |Details | | |Cruz helped with the repair work of a certain truck even though| |Shows enthusiasm |it was made clear that he would not be paid until he started | | |actually working as truck driver. | | |He also volunteered to drive the truck in its road test. | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Outstanding trucker |Where the group averaged 2-3 trips/day during good weather, | | |Cruz made 3-4 trips....
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