Sanitation Code Philippines

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1 PD 856 Code on Sanitation

Sec. 11. Types of Water Examinations Required. - The following examinations are required for drinking water:

a. Initial examination - The physical, chemical and bacteriological examinations of water from newly constructed systems or sources are required before they are operated and opened for public use. Examination of water for possible radio active contamination should also be done initially.

b. Periodic examination - Water from existing sources is subject to bacteriological examination as often as possible but the interval shall not be longer than six months, while general systematic chemical examination shall be conducted every 12 months or oftener. Examination of water sources shall be conducted yearly for possible radioactive contamination.

Sec. 12. Examining Laboratories and Submission of Water Samples. - The examination of drinking water shall be performed only in private or government laboratories duly accredited by the Department. It is the responsibility of operators of water systems to submit to accredited laboratories duly accredited by the Department. It is the responsibility of operators of water systems to submit to accredited laboratories water samples for examination in a manner and at such intervals prescribed by the Department.

Sec. 13. Other protective Measures. - To protect drinking water from contamination, the following measures shall be observed:

a. Washing clothes or bathing within a radius of 25 meters from any well or other source of drinking water is prohibited.

b. No artesians, deep or shallow well shall be constructed within 25 meters from any source of pollution.

c. No radioactive sources or materials shall be stored within a radius of 25 meters from any well or source is adequately and safely enclosed by proper shielding .

d. No person charged with the management of a public water supply system shall permit any physical connection between its distribution system and that any other water supply, unless the latter is regularly examined as to its quality by those in charge is made and found to be sage and potable .

e. The installation of booster pump to boost water direct from the water distribution line of a water supply system where low-water pressure prevails is prohibited.

Chapter III. Food Establishment
Sec. 14. Sanitary Permit. -

a. No person or entity shall operate a food establishment for public patronage without securing a permit from the local health office. The term " food establishment" as used in this chapter means an establishment where food or drinking are manufactured, processed, stored, sold or served.

b. Every Sanitary Permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place of the establishment.

c. Fees - The fees payable on applications for permits and upon the issuance, renewal and noting of such certificates shall be is such amounts as the City or Municipal Authority may by resolution impose.

d. Noting of Permit - Within 14 days after any chance n the ownership or occupancy of any establishment, the new occupant shall apply to the City or Municipal Health Officer to have such change noted in the records and on the permit certificate which he shall produce for the purpose and shall pay the corresponding fee in respect of such noting.

e. Record of Permit Certificates. -

1. Every City or Municipality shall keep a record of all establishments in respect of which permits have been issued and all permit certificates and renewals thereof;

f. The record shall in every case show the following:

i. The name and address of the holder of the permit who in every case shall be the actual occupier of the establishment :

ii. The location of the establishment;

iii. The purpose or purposes for which the permit has been issued;

iv. The date the first permit was issued and the dates of any renewal thereof.

v. Every change of occupation and management of the establishment since the first permit was issued;...
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