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Sanitation has for a while being an integral issue in the whole arena of national, regional and municipal development. For this and among other reasons, much priority must be placed on it as it paves the way to community and societal development. Human societies across past and presence have made several efforts to provide an everlasting solution to the problem of human sanitation, yet the response to this has been abysmal and hence requires additional efforts towards solving it.


One of the main sanitation problems in the Wa Township is open-space defecation popularly known as “free range”. Most people in the Wa Township indulge in this practice which is one of the prominent causes of sanitation problems in the Municipality. As a result of this, efforts to curb most sanitation problems in the Township are hampered. Others tend to defecate in black polythene bags (flying toilets) secretly and throw it in the gutters and refuse dumps in the town. All this unhealthy activities by the people has a lot of negative effects in the community. Diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery are running rampant in the community due to these practices. There are a whole lot of causes to the practice of open-space defecation which are outlined below;


1. Inadequate toilet facilities in the Wa Township; One of the major cause of open-space defecation in the community is the inadequate public toilet where the community members can go to free themselves. The community and township is highly populated but the public toilets are very few. As a result of that, access to public latrines is limited and as such most people have no other choice than to go and defecate at places which are not meant for that. Places like uncompleted houses, bushes and refuse dump sites are usually the grounds for this unwholesome practice which commonly happened early in the morning...

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