Sandwich Blitz, Inc Bio

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Sandwich Blitz, Inc.
Sandwich Blitz, Inc. is a small growing specialty sandwich shop chain in a large metropolitan area. The business is owned by Dalman Smith, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Lei Lee who is the Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The company currently operates eight free-standing sandwich and beverage shops located near three universities, one hospital, and four high-traffic office complexes in the metropolitan area. The firm serves mostly upscale breakfast and lunch customers and specializes in organically grown food ingredients and health-conscious beverages. Currently, the firm employs a staff accountant, eight unit managers and forty employees. The corporate headquarters occupies rented space in an office park which houses Dalman, Lei, and the corporate accountant, Jayin Chopra. Each operating sandwich shop is staffed with a manager, a team supervisor, and four customer associates. Revenues from 2011 operations were substantial with a ROI (Return on Investment) of 30%. Beginnings

Sandwich Blitz was the idea of Dalman Smith whose previous experience was in middle management for a wholesale food distribution company headquartered in a large European city. An ardent devotee of healthy food, Dalman received the inspiration for Sandwich Blitz while visiting the Mediterranean area on corporate business. Dalman noted the presence of healthy sandwich shops in that area of Europe and was surprised on his return home that no such models were in operation in his local area. After considering the idea for several weeks, Dalman approached his long-time friend Lei Lee, a CPA working within the insurance industry with his idea. Lei considered the idea a good one but was concerned with the overhead expenses involved in leasing and developing retail commercial space in the expensive urban area. One day, while driving to work, Dalman noticed a small, free-standing prefabricated building located on a piece of land...
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