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Topics: Sales, Customer service, Consultative selling Pages: 7 (1157 words) Published: November 9, 2012
1.| Jill has called on Marcia's Cosmetics for several years. She has always been friendly to Marcia but treated the other staff with indifference. When Marcia retired, Jill lost the account for what key reason(s)?|  | a.| It was time for a new sales representative.|

b.| No one knew her.|
c.| No one was educated about her products.|
d.| Jill's communication style was different from the new buyer's.| e.| Jill failed to develop good personal relationships with key people.|
2.| Kenny works for a firm selling modern log homes and frequently conducts an open house at the site of a newly completed home. Kenny does this in order to:|  | a.| choose the right setting.|

b.| save travel time.|
c.| cover one idea.|
d.| appeal to all senses.|
e.| plan for the dynamic nature of selling.|
3.| Most Yes responses come on the ________ closing attempts.|  | a.| 2nd or 3rd|
b.| 8th or 9th|
c.| 1st or 2nd|
d.| 4th  or  5th|
e.| 6th or 7th|
4.| Which one of the following sources would be best if you were considering exporting to an international country and needed foreign country and market information?|  | a.| Canadian Trade Index|

b.| Canadian Foreign Investment Guide|
c.| Fraser's Canadian Trade Directory|
d.| Department of Industry, Trade, and Technology|
e.| Export Development Corporation|
5.| Ivana has been hired by the Zenith Company as a professional buyer because of her many negotiation tactics. When she says, "We like your proposal, but our budget is only $7 500," this is an example of a:|  | a.| a challenge tactic.|

b.| take it or leave it tactic.|
c.| a direct tactic.|
d.| budget limitation tactic.|
e.| let's split the difference tactic.|
6.| Tara is developing a presentation strategy. She includes establishing objectives for the sales presentation, providing outstanding customer service, and:|  | a.| preplanning activities.|

b.| overhead design procedures.|
c.| developing the presale presentation plan.|
d.| enquiring about referrals.|
e.| developing a prospect base.|
7.| If a salesperson were attempting to involve the customer in a presentation for a diamond ring, s/he might:|  | a.| ask if there are any more questions.|
b.| encourage the customer to try it on.|
c.| explain the store's installment plan of payment for the item.| d.| lay the ring on black velvet to enhance its brilliance.| e.| inform the customer of the gem's clarity.|
8.| Patrick Jones is a skilled networker because he meets as many people as he can, tells them what he does, and:|  | a.| likes to network.|
b.| asks everyone he meets for a referral.|
c.| does business while he networks.|
d.| pays for all entertainment costs.|
e.| does not do business while networking.|
9.| The most widely used method for negotiating buyer concerns is the:|  | a.| indirect denial.|
b.| direct denial.|
c.| trial offer.|
d.| spin method.|
e.| superior benefit.|
10.| Miguel has had three estimates on a home alarm system and the prices are all very close. The last sales representative has indicated if Miguel purchases the alarm now he will receive a 10% discount. The type of close used is:|  | a.| a summary benefits close.|

b.| a late close.|
c.| an assumption close.|
d.| a special concession close.|
e.| a minor point close|
11.| Thomas works in the area of customer service. His duties include:|  | a.| closing sales.|
b.| to encourage customers to spend more money.|
c.| to enhance the role of the product.|
d.| to prevent customers from buying competitors' products.| e.| to work one on one with clients.|
12.| Another name for full-line selling is:|
 | a.| suggestion selling.|
b.| partnering.|
c.| cross-selling.|
d.| upselling.|...
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