Sample Psychological Test

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Psychological Evaluation

Name: Jericho Rosales
Birthdate: October 16, 1980
Gender: Male
Education:College Graduate
Report Writer:
Date of report: November 5, 2012

Instruments Administered:
Clinical interview

Reason For Referral
Mr Jericho Rosales is currently in the process of annulment of his marriage to Ms Kristine Hermosa-Rosales. Respondent Jericho is claimed by other party to be suffering from Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder with underlying Narcissistic Traits. Mr Rosales is claimed to be incapable of being a good husband due to his psychological incapacity.It was investigated but never proven." No history of health problems was reported. No medications are currently prescribed.

Educational History
Mr. Rosales being a child of an OFW was able to have a good education at a private school and live a comfortable life during his childhood. His needs together with his siblings were well taken cared of.He was never involved in any school fight and never was subjected to any guidance counseling at school till he graduated from college.

Health History
Mr Rosales denied having a history of health problems. No history of being diagnosed as having an Passive- aggressive personality disorder was reported.

Substance Abuse History
Mr Rosales was never reported of any drug use or any substance abuse.

Legal History
Respondent was never subjected to be confined in any institution.

Mental Status Examination
Mr Rosales presented as a well-nourished male of average height , weight and body build. He appeared his stated age. He was casually dressed and his hygiene seemed adequate. His gait and posture were normal. No unusual behavior was observed. Rapport was easily established and maintained. When asked about his mood Mr Rosales reported that he felt happy and contented most of the time. Mr Rosales reported lately that he has been troubled of the condition of his father....
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