Sample Lesson Plan in Science

Topics: Earth, Structure of the Earth, Crust Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Sample Lesson Plan in Chemistry|
 | a. To differentiate between the characteristics of the earth’s structural layers;b. To appreciate the way earth is designed to harbor life; andc. To name the boundaries among the earth’s layers| II. LEARNING TASKS|

 | a. Topic:| The Structure of the Earth|
 | b. Concepts:| a. Geology is the scientific study of the earth. b. The major sections of the earth based on chemical composition are the crust, mantle and the core.c. The crust is the outer layer, the mantle is the middle layer and the core the inner layer.|  | c. Values:| Gratefulness|

 | d. Skills:| Comparing and differentiating|
 | e. Strategies:| Cooperative learning; Trigger Pictures|  | f. Materials:| OHP|
 | g. References:| Science of the Physical Creation: (2nd Edition) pp. 195-198| | | | |
 | a. Routinary activities A 5-item check-up test will be administered.|  | b. Motivation The apple story|
 | c. Lesson Proper|
 |  | 1. Show an acteate of the earth’s structure and ask students to identify the layers. Ask what are the bases of identifying the layers.|  |  | 2. Show a table of the differences between the layers according to the primary materials, depth, average density, and temperature.|  |  | 3. Discuss the crust. Show an acetate of materials that composes the earth’s crust. Ask questions based on the data presented on the table. Differentiate between oceanic and continental crust in terms of the rocks that made them up.|  |  | 4. Discuss the mantle. Differentiate between upper and lower mantle and the transition zone.|  |  | 5. Differentiate between the Inner and Outer Core.|  | II.| INVESTIGATORY PROJECT TITLE|

 |  | 1. Students go to their respective groups.|
 |  | 2. Must list at least 3 possible IP problems for approval.|  |  |  |
 | 1....
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