Saladin 6e Chapter 12 Nervous Tissue

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Nervous System Set 2
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2. What are the classifications of neurons?
3. What are the four types of neuroglia in CNS?
4. What are the two types of fast axonal transport?
5. What are the two types of neuroglia in PNS?
7. What do brain tumors arise from?
8. What do schawnn cells do in PNS?
9. What does the neuroglia or glial cells do?
10. What guides microtubules along axon?
11. What is anaxonic
12. What is anterograde transport?
13. What is astrocytes?
14. What is axonal
transport or axoplasmic flow?

1. What are schwann
envelope nerve fibers in PNS. produce a myelin sheath
multipolar, bipolar, unipolar and anaxonic
oligodendrocytes, ependyal cells, microglia and astocytes
Fast anterograde and fast retrograde. Occurs at a rate of 20 to 400 mm/day Schwann cells and satellite cells.
masses of rapidly dividing cells.
meninges (protective membrane of CNS), Metastasis from nonneuronal tumors in other organs. Often glial cells that are mitotically active throughout life spiral repeatedly around a single nerve fiber.

support and protect the neurons. Prevents neurons from touching eachother and gives precision to conduction pathways motor proteins (kinesin and dynein) carry materials "on their backs" while they "crawl" along microtubules many dendrites but no axon. Help in visual processes

movement away from the soma down the axon
maintain structure. "nerve growth factors" secreted by astrocytes promote neuron growth and synapse formation 0.5 to 10 mm/day. always anterograde. moves enzymes governs speed of damged nerve fibers. two way passage along an axon

16. What is bipolar neuron?
17. What is dynein? 18. What is
ependymal cells?
19. What is fast anterograde transport?
20. What is fast retrograde transport?
21. What is Initial segment?
22. What is Internodes?
23. What is kinesin? 24. What is
25. What is multipolar neuron?
26. What is myelin sheath?
27. What is myelination?...
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