Running for Executive Board

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Running For Executive Board

“All students interested in running for Executive Board, go to room 109,” the announcement repeated for the hundredth time that week .
Well, I guess it’s now or never, I thought to myself. Since sign-ups started, I had been arguing whether I should try out for the school’s Student Executive Board. Today is the day, I told myself. No more going back and forth on whether I should sign-up for something I believe in. Even if I lose against the so-called popular kids, I will still know I gave it my all. Once the homeroom bell rang, I started towards room 109.

As I opened the door, it felt as if a sea of eyes were glaring at me.
“Would you like to sign up for the Executive Board? The sheet is right over there,” Mr. Burdge, the Executive Board leader pointed.
Aware of all of the students still staring, I walked over to the clipboard. Once I finished signing my name, I said goodbye to the teacher and headed to my first class of the day. A small rush of relief went through me as I walked down the crowded halls. I got it over with, now I could start thinking about how I will campaign. I sure hope no one else signs up. Although realistically, ten more are sure to.

“If you have not already signed up for Executive Board, today is your last chance,” the homeroom announcement said.
“Great,” they are letting those who are not really committed sign up.
I was a bit angry that they extended the date since I had been hoping for no more competition than I already had.
At the end of the school day, I attended the meeting for those who signed up. As I looked around the media center, I knew being elected would be harder than I expected. Not only were there ten or so people from my house alone, but several were friends of mine! Naturally, worries went through me. How could I compete against my friends? What if only one of us wins? How will the rest of us feel? Will our friendship be affected? Although I knew I must stay focused on myself...
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