Ruby Moon's Theatrical Critique

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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This critique is based on a theatrical performance entitled, ‘Ruby Moon’. Ruby Moon is a playwright written by Matt Cameron. This play is directed by Christopher Ling. There are only two actors in the play: the main actor is Alex Chua portraying as Ray Moon, and the main actress is Davina Goh portraying as Sylvie Moon. The play was performed at Pentas 2, KLPAC on the 1st of March, 2013. In my opinion, the main theme of the play is acceptance. Ray Moon and Sylvie Moon’s daughter went missing and this couple is unable to accept the fact that their daughter is missing. This play is about the inability of a couple to cope and accept the fact that their six year old daughter, Ruby Moon is missing. If Ray Moon, the husband is unable to communicate with his wife, Sylvie Moon this lonely forlorn couple will play a strange game which is to re-act the tragedy of the day when little Ruby Moon went missing. Frankly speaking, the play had a dark, twisted and sad story line. Nevertheless, it was both interesting and entertaining as it keeps me wanting to know more about what is going to happen next. I love the actual script, but of course I would have preferred a happy ending. Whereby, this play is an absurd type of play where there is no end to the story line. In the play, Ray Moon asked and begged Sylvie to come back to him and to stop the game as he was sick of this role plays of possibilities that may occur on the day when Ruby Moon went missing, but Sylvie keep asking him to act along with her and he had no choice but to do so if he wanted her back and these games is repeated over and over again every time Ray is unable to communicate with Sylvie. The story was believable and miserable as it relates to the cases of missing children in Malaysia which is increasing by the day and instead of showing what the effects was on the missing child it shows us what could have happened to the parents. In Ruby Moon, the actors did not use their real names but instead they use the...
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