Root Cause

Topics: Cosmological argument, Sociology, Psychology Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: April 7, 2013
In this case, we believe that there are three main root causes from the management of this company, especially in packaging department. The first main one is cohesiveness limited the productivity in packaging department. Cohesiveness for packing department was existent and had become somewhat negative. Employees were mimicking the bad behavior of one another and were failing to get anywhere production wise. Packing department seemed to be small knit group and they were able to complete their work on time, so they found it easier to agree on team objectives and the rules applied to maintain group behaviour. Even though Cohesiveness should increase with the team’s level of success, this group cohesiveness was making them less productive. Assuming that the packing department worked in an assembly line environment which has interdependence of tasks, they were not advising each other their mistakes. Since cohesiveness motivated employees to perform at a level more consistent with group norms, they had lower performance because their norms conflicted with organizational objectives. The second root cause is the lack of supervisor. Since the packaging department was located far from other departments, the supervisor from other departments was not easy to take care of the packing department. Additionally, the negative norms in the packaging department have increased due to the lack of supervisor been present to enforce policy. Their bad behaviour directly affected the productivity in packaging department. Furthermore, their quality and productivity used to win them awards; it meant their function in packaging department was quiet well as a self-managing group. However, when the planning and sawmilling departments had increased their productivity, packaging department couldn’t catch up with this productivity. It also causes increased inventory cost due to the backlog. We also assume that a lack of training causes the productivity of the packaging department...
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