Romeo and Juliet 90 Second Speech

Topics: Marriage, Close-up, Family Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: March 15, 2013

Have you ever met someone
At a ball, got married the next day, had your
Best friend killed by your wife’s cousin, killed
Your wife’s cousin, got banished from your
Hometown, Had your wife fake death, get hunted
Down by police trying to find your

Wife, finding her in a bed of candles,
Then kill yourself with poison because you
Thought she was dead all in 5 days by the
Age of 16? Well Romeo has. Girls, have
You ever met someone at a ball, married
Them the next Day, had your husband kill

Your cousin, fake death because your husband
Was banished then have your husband kill
Himself because he thought you were dead,
Then you wake up and you shoot yourself
All in 5 days by the age of 13? Well Juliet has.
Romeo and Juliet do all of this for love. Romeo

And Juliet is a love story about 2 individuals
Meeting and falling head over heels, but one
Problem, their families absolutely hate each
Other. Romeo and Juliet first meet each
Other alone at an aquarium and its love at
First sight. Lurhmann uses very well

Constructed techniques in this movie and
Shows them throughout the whole film.
When Romeo and Juliet first meet there
Is an extreme close-up to show the love
On their faces and to get us in the mood
And to know what is happening.

A tracking shot is then used to see both
Of them moving to try and get to each
Other but the aquarium keeps them apart,
This is symbolizing the hate and difference
Between their families and their families
Keeping them apart. At the balcony scene,

Love is shown when Romeo speaks of,
"... A glove upon that hand, that I might touch
That Cheek!" this shows that he will do
Anything to Be with her. When Romeo and
Juliet are in the pool a high angle shot is used
To see everything that is happening then it ends

Extreme close up when they are kissing to
Show the love in the scene. Overall, no matter
What scene is showed in this film, it shows
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