Roman Engineering

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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The Romans seemed to have done well for themselves when it came to technology and engineering. Perhaps, you can say that they have a “knack” for it. The had created so many things from water lines to engineering roads in order to make it easier to get from place to place rather than having to either go by ship or by foot.

The Romans had created water lines that they could use for drinking water fountains and private water systems to use for hygiene and etc. They had also created functioning sewage and draining systems which we still use to this day. They were the first to harness the power of water, eventually building water mills outside of Greece for grinding flour. Their most famous example occurs in Barbegal.

Roman roads were constructed to make it easier to get from providence to providence rather than just taking ships or walking on foot. The first national highway was built in 312 B.C. that stretched one hundred thirty two miles from the Rome to Brindisi in the southeast. These roads consisted of various layers of crushed stone, sand, mortar, and paver stones. The paver stones were constructed in a way so that when it rained, the water would run off them to help prevent the roads from flooding. Throughout the Roman Empire there were hundreds of roads constructed, well over 250,000 miles. A lot of these roads are still used today in Rome.

The architecture of the Romans were impressive even by today's standards. Such as, the Circus Maximus was large enough to be used as a stadium. But, one of the greatest works of the Romans would probably be the Colosseum. It was able to sit about 50,000 people and was used to gladiatorial events, reenactments, plays and several other events. The Colosseum today is one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions. Due to the ruined state of the interior of it, it is impossible to hold events in.

I believe that the reason why the roman's technology and engineering is so important is because it has a lot to do...
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