Role of Biophysical Medication and the Teacher

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Drug Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 6, 2012
| Biophysical medication resolves around the central theory of treating a behavioral or emotional disorder with appropriate physical interventions and methods. Teachers are often the first adults that notice when a child has a physical ailment. Whether it is stomach ache or a cold, a very observant teacher notices when a child is not behaving like his or her normal self. Likewise, the teacher is often the first adult that is able to give a valuable opinion on the effectiveness of medication on a student. Students with ADD/ADHD are often required to take the medicine at the start of the school day. This means that the majority of the time will be spent with teachers and not with the primary caregivers such as the parents and likewise teachers will be able to provide a better account of a drug’s side effect. As relating to biophysical medication, a student’s teacher is a valuable source in identifying non-medical methods such as positive behavioral intervention plans (BIPs) and functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) in order to modify disruptive behaviors that are often associated with emotional or behavioral disorders (Hallahan, 2012).Studies show that ADD/ADHD students are more likely to develop problems with illegal drug usage due to the need to self-medicate. In this week’s reading, one can see that the overwhelming prevalence of comorbidities in students that have been diagnosed with emotional and behavior disorders. The linkage of the two directly correlate to the student’s inability to make rational decisions. Throughout the chapter, the authors suggest that there is no clearly defined diagnosis or intervention process. As a result, the assumption can be made that children may be improperly diagnosed as early as three years of age. A further assumption can be made that the effects of common ADD/ADHD drugs have resulted in little to no effect by the time the child has reached adulthood and ultimately indirectly resulting in substance abuse...
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