Road to Hell

Topics: Caribbean, Jamaica, Indies Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: March 30, 2013
, flntegrmtiwe ffase &
.J"he RoaC

tc F{ell

John Baker, chief engineer

of the Caribbean Bauxite

Barracania. The success of this ti;:1,:ly regionalization policy led to excellent relations with iire goventmeitt.

Company of Barracania in the West Indies, was malring his
final preparations to leave the island. llis promotion to pro-

This relationship was giver; an acldccl importalce
when Barracania, 3 years later, bL.ilame independent
occasion that encouraged a critir:ai and challenging atti-

duction manager of Keso .Mining Corporation near
Winnipcfu-one ol Continental Ore's fast-expanding
Canadian enterprises-had heen announced a rnonth before,
and now everything had been tidied up except the last vital

interview with his successor, the able young Barracanian,
Matthew Rennalls. it was crucial that this interview be successiiil and that Rennalls leave his office uplifted and encouraged to race the challenge of a new iob, A touch on the bell would have brought Rennalls walking into the room, but

Baker delayed the moment and gazed thoughtfuily through
the window. consiclering just exactly whar he was going to
say and, more particulariy, how he was going to say it.
John Baker, an English expatriate, u,as 45 years olcl
irnd had served 23 years rvith Continental Ore in Easf Asia, several African countries, Europe, and lor the last 2 years, the \A/est Indies. FIe hadn't carecl much for. his previous
assignment in I.lanrburg ancl was delighted when the West
IndirLn appointrnent 'barne through Climate was not tbe

only attraction. Baker liad always prefen.eci working over(in what were telmeci "tire developing countries',),



tude toward the role that foreign ir,.:rests would play in the new Barracania. Therefore, Hutch;ls had little difficulty in

convincing Baker that lhe suc':es:jul career clevclcpment

of Rennalls was of primary impori.ince.
The interview with I{utchir:i was norv ? yeiirs okl,
and Baker,...
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