Risk Assessment and Evidence Based Practice

Topics: Social work, Mental disorder, Mental health Pages: 16 (4473 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The focus in mental health services is now firmly upon developing treatments and interventions that impact positively on the individual’s life situation, thereby increasing both self –management and determination and contributing to recovery. More recently, professional mental health practice has seen an increase in practice guidelines which describe key interventions and models of service provision that reflect the evidence from research in terms of effectiveness and efficacy.(Ryan & Pritchard 2004).

This essay is meant to integrate both practice component and academic knowledge component which I have used to work with a client, I shall discuss the profile of the agency and the service user, the work that I have done in the areas of assessment and my planning services or intervention, my understandings of issues regarding the care versus control debate and professional accountability.

This essay shall address the evidence of the integration of theory, and research, policy and the law, transferring knowledge, skills and values between practice situations. I shall be using material from a variety of modules throughout the programme, evidence of anti-discriminatory and oppressive practice, evidence of implementation of core social work values into practice, and evidence of my individual professional development.

Michael was first admitted into hospital a year ago, in the psychiatric ward, although his wife was never informed of his exact condition then; diagnosis yet to be done. His wife was halfway across the world when admitted in the hospital, but he claimed that she was there in the room with him talking to him.

He thought he was Jesus Christ, re-incarnated - and suddenly became really paranoid, convinced that the government was spying on him. He would go to do something, i.e. go to eat some food, and come back convinced he had eaten, without touching his plate.

His eyes were constantly red, and he could not stand artificial light of any kind. Whilst in hospital, under forced treatment, he had some kind of hallucinations, where he saw himself die over and over and live several different lifetimes. After spending some nights in the hospital, he was completely back to his own self overnight - i.e. the day before, his symptoms were stronger than ever, and then suddenly next day, he was perfectly fine.

He felt like a “great weight” had been taken off his mind, and he could not recall the previous two nights, which the rest of his family filled in for him. He felt better than he had done in years, and freely discussed the details of what had been going on in his head, laughing at how ridiculous some of the things were.

His wife claimed that he had the same symptoms exactly a year ago, the same thing has happened. Except that that time he was clever enough to hide all signs from everyone except for her.

He burns things, he is against science and technology, and believes that he is the Saviour of mankind, the only one who can save the rest of us from the darkness, and that he alone has been blessed by God to be the light. He had sworn his wife to secrecy, and is scared of other people’s reactions, thinking that “they can’t understand him”. The issue of his burning things leaked somehow, and that was why he was admitted into the psychiatric ward this time, but he managed to convince everyone that it was a false alarm that he was only overworked and will like to return home.

His senses are so heightened, and whilst already more intelligent than the average Joe, he is showing uncanny brilliance and cunning in the way he conceals everything, from everyone but his wife. He is totally convinced that medicine and all science really, is a money-making farce, with no real foundation (all this, despite his master’s degree in physics, and his occupation as an engineer?) this includes use of the car, telephone, computer etc.?

He sold his car, broke his mobile, and burnt his computer, as well as all his books,...
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