Rights and Responsibilities at Work

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Section one
Rights And responsibilities at work

Employment contracts
Terms and conditions
An employment contract is a very important document. It spells out the key things you can expect from your employer and what your employer expects from you. Once you’ve worked for your employer for two months, you have the legal right to receive details of your terms and conditions of employment in writing. This information may come in a letter or a formal contract of employment. Alternatively, you may get a document outlining the main terms of employment, with signposts to where you can find other essential information.

What should be included in an employment contract

Employers name
( This will be the name of the business/Organisation you will be working for )

Employees Name
(your name)
Date of commencement of employment
Your start date
Main Place of Work
Employers address
Job title
The title of the job you are being employed to carry out
Duties and responsibilities
This is a brief decription of what you will be doing in your role. The employer will sometimes state that sometimes you may be required to carry out other Reasonable duties as required

Probation Period

This is the period of time you must work before your position of employment is confirmed. During the probationary period either you or your employer can terminate the contract by giving one week's notice Hours of work

Here your employer confirms the number of hours you must work

Here your employer will state how much you earn. Sometimes it's stated in a yearly salary, but depending on your contract it can be stated as an hourly or daily rate

Here you will be informed of your eligibility to join a company pension scheme Holiday entitlement
Your employer should insert the full amount of holiday entitlement, which is worked out pro-rata according to your contract. 5.6 weeks per year is the minimum legal requirement Sick leave
The employer sets out the arrangements for sick pay
Many employers include a clause similar to this one in contracts Disciplinary procedures
You would be expected to read the company handbook and familiarise yourself with the disciplinary procedures Dismissal
More information on dismissal and disciplinary procedures may be given here Information that does not have to be included in a employment contract * A termination date for temporary jobs
* Relevant trade union agreements
* Grievance and appeal procedures
* Details regarding sickness entitlements
* Pensions
* Notice periods
* disciplinary rules and procedures.
However this information should be provided elsewhere

Key Legislation
There are four main areas covered by legislation:
1. Health and safety
2. Employment rights and responsibilities
3. Pay and pensions
4. Data protection

1) Statutory employment rights address the legal rights of every employee in th country 2) Many small businesses provide their employees with access to a stakeholder pension scheme 3) The equality act 2010 protects women from being paid less than men for doing the same job 4) The working time regulations provide employees with the right to paid annual leave 5) The data protection act 1998 restricts the use of personal data an organisation can hold about someone

The Importance of legislation, Why we have laws

Laws are created in business to protect employers, employees, customers and third parties. If laws didn’t exist, people would be unprotected and things may get out of control. There would be no clear way to resolve differences or difficulties. Laws help businesses to have rules of conduct that apply to all relevant parties. Other methods can also be used to resolve differences of opinion or behaviour that break these rules – such as courts / tribunals. Courts use an objective, evidence-based approach to solve problems to do with...
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