Richard 3rd Comparison

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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Richard III Act questions
1. Compare Hastings' speech in III, iv, 48-53 with his speech in III, iv, 95-100. What has Hastings realized by the end of the scene? Hastings speeches compared show Hastings realizations that of Richards plan. In lines 48-52, Hastings believes he can read Richard like a book, as he is in a good mood, he says “I think there’s never a man in Christendom Can lesser hide his love or hate than he, For by his face straight shall you know his heart”. By this we see that Hastings is in belief that him and Richard are great friends, and that nothing is ‘on his mind’. By lines 95-100, Hastings has been ordered to be beheaded by Richard as he believes him to be a traitor. As Hastings is about to be gone, he realizes what terrible times England is in for with Richard being a leader. 2. List the people who die by Richard's orders in Act III. What does each of them realize as they die? What does this suggest about the idea of justice presented in the play? Rivers, Grey, Vaughn and Hastings all die in Act III. As they are about to die, they all remember the curse of Margaret and how it is coming true, they can now only wish for Richard to also die. This suggests that the only justice coming from the play is as one is at their death. Richard uses death to get rid of his problems, but little does he know that Margaret’s curse will soon burden death on him. 3. How does Buckingham's speech in III, vii, 24-41 support the Scrivener's speech at the beginning of the scene? What other characters in this scene act in ways that bear out the Scrivener's speech? Scrivergers speech talks about the unfairness of the world, and what people will do for fame ect. Buckingham’s speech explains to Richard the reaction of the people once they are told that Edwards’s sons are ‘bastards’. These support each other as it takes the innocence away from children just for Richard to be supported by those in the community. 4. How does Buckingham in III,...