Rhetorical Analysis

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  • Published : July 14, 2012
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Rhetorical Analysis|
Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like|
DevryEngl112 Week 3|
Ming Shi Rong|

The argument of this TV commercial is that the overall quality of life for men will improve if they use Old Spice deodorant. The audience includes women that are in a relationship with a man and is concerned about the way their significant other smells. The goal of this advertisement is to get women to buy Old Spice deodorant for their significant other. The commercial tries to accomplish its goal of getting women to buy Old Spice deodorant for men in several elements of rhetoric. The commercial uses the element of ethos to appeal to authority. The commercial does this by using a physically attractive male who immediately demands your attention at the beginning of the commercial by commanding “look at me; now look at your man, now back at me”. This immediately builds up a sense of respect and authority from the speaker, and helps build up the credibility of the commercial. The commercial uses the element of pathos to appeal to certain emotions, specifically sexual appeal and humor. The speaker is an attractive male who does not wear a shirt for the entire commercial, conveniently displaying his athletic physique. The commercial is subconsciously projecting the emotion of sexual appeal, and persuading women to buy Old Spice deodorant because then their man will be just as attractive. The commercial also has several random comments such as tickets turning into diamonds, and the speaker suddenly appearing on a horse to appeal to the emotion of humor in the commercial. By inserting humor, the commercial is more memorable and people associate this good emotion with Old Spice deodorant. Despite the effective use of the element of pathos, the commercial in reality lacks sufficient evidence to support its argument that Old Spice deodorant will improve the overall quality of life for men. There are no statistics, no studies, no personal...
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