Rhetoric Analysis

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English 103
Rhetorical Analysis

Authors Becky Herz, and Kim Phuc wrote essays that not only touched hearts, but also made people take a different look at life and those around them. “The Long Road to Forgiveness” and “My Husband Will Call Me Tomorrow” are two essays that use literary devices such as pathos, imagery, ethos, and repetition to effectively tell their stories. By using different rhetorical and literary devices in their writing they were able to make an impact with their words. Words are very powerful weapons in the battle of making a point and trying to make sure that people actually understand that same point. In Herz’s “My Husband Will Call Tomorrow” she was able to use repetition as well as visual devices to effectively tell her story. Her use of these devices allows the reader to be able to connect and see things from her level. Phuc’s essay on the other hand, was able to evoke gut-wrenching emotion, just using devices such as imagery and details about to make her story credible.

Becky Herz’s essay, “My Husband Will Call Me Tomorrow” contains credibility in her use of certain details about how her life is laid out now that her husband is not at home. Her use of repetition through the essay, stating that, “I believe my husband is going to call me tomorrow” is very effective. The author states this through the essay multiple times. This can be interpreted in a way where one can come to believe that she is just stating a fact. Over and over she states that her husband is going to call her; this shows that she has hope, faith, and is determined that her husband will indeed call her tomorrow. Herz gives detail about how she puts the baby to bed, walks the dogs, checks on her employees; this expresses how she does indeed “have her hands full” and establishes her credibility. By going through her everyday life, this reveals that hope and belief that nothing is out of the ordinary. Through detailing the actions and evoking the emotion behind it,...
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