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With the recent economic problems cross worldwide, lecturers regardless in colleges or universities should planning the correct methods to teach the proper financial behaviour to students. For example, the issues of personal finance and personally money management. Te main cause of personal financial problesm is financial literacy. The larger the chance of an economically secure future only if the earlier the positive financial habits are developed. Financial consumers can effectively participate in the economy if they are properly informed and have the adequate knowledge and skills. The low level of knowledge will limit their ability to make informed decisions. Therefore, money management skill is essentially in training them to bring about a quality life as working adults because students spending patterns in campus will influence the way they manage money in their lives.

An online survey with the headline of financial literacy among MMU students was distributed to 100 MMU students and it was intended to collect details regarding their different characteristics (races, ages, and faculties), spending patterns, attitudes and perceptions, testing knowledge and skills across a scope of specific areas of financial literacy. In addition, this survey was enabled to make a contrast among student’s own perceptions of their knowledge and skills and their actual level of knowledge and skills.

First and foremost, all of our group members would like to voice our depeest thanks of appreciation to the lecturer, Ms Shareen who teaching Workplace Communication (PWC 1010) in this trimester. We can process and complete this group assignment only with the guide of the assignment from Ms. Shareen for necessary guiding and necessary correcting various documents from the proposal until doing this final report. We encounter some difficulties when we doing the assignment. But, all the problems were settle down and we were able to adapt properly....

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