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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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AS and A Level

Business Studies

AS exams 2009 onwards A2 exams 2010 onwards

Unit 3: Strategies for Success Specimen mark scheme
Version 1.5

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Version 2.0

General Certificate of Education

Business Studies
Unit 3: Strategies for Success

Specimen Mark Scheme
for 2009 and 2010

The specimen assessment materials are provided to give centres a reasonable idea of the general shape and character of the planned question papers and mark schemes in advance of the first operational exams.

Further copies of this Mark Scheme are available to download from the AQA Website: Copyright © 2007 AQA and its licensors. All rights reserved. COPYRIGHT AQA retains the copyright on all its publications. However, registered centres for AQA are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use, with the following important exception: AQA cannot give permission to centres to photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within the centre. Set and published by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance.

The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (company number 3644723) and a registered charity (registered charity number 1073334). Registered address: AQA, Devas Street, Manchester M15 6EX Dr Michael Cresswell Director General

Business Studies - AQA GCE Specimen Mark Scheme 2009 and 2010

Assessment Objectives
The Assessment Objectives represent those qualities which can be demonstrated in candidates’ work and which can be measured for the purposes of assessment. AO1 AO2 AO3 AO4 Quality of Written Communication Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the specified content. Apply knowledge and understanding to problems and issues arising from both familiar and unfamiliar situations. Analyse problems, issues and situations. Evaluate, distinguish between and assess appropriateness of fact and opinion, and judge information from a variety of sources. The GCE Qualification Criteria require GCE specifications which require candidates to produce written material in English to:

• • •

ensure that text is legible and that spelling, punctuation and grammar are accurate so that meaning is clear select and use a form and style of writing appropriate to purpose and to complex subject matter organise information clearly and coherently, using specialist vocabulary when appropriate.

In this specification QWC will be assessed in all units by embedding QWC in Assessment Objective 4 (AO4).


Business Studies - AQA GCE Specimen Mark Scheme 2009 and 2010


Total for this question: 18 marks To what extent might the success of Coffee Delight plc’s marketing strategy in Romania depend upon its directors preparing an effective marketing plan? (18 marks) Content 4 marks 4 marks Application 4 marks Analysis 5 marks

Level 4

Candidate identifies two or more relevant factors and shows good understanding of marketing plans or strategies 3 marks 5 marks Strong analysis of argument, developing points fully Candidate identifies two or more relevant factors and shows understanding of marketing plans or strategies 2 marks 4–3 marks Candidate applies knowledge effectively to Coffee Delight plc’s circumstances 2–1 marks Candidate attempts to apply knowledge to Coffee Delight plc’s circumstances Candidate offers two or more relevant arguments or shows good understanding of marketing plans or strategies or a combination 1 mark Candidate offers single relevant argument or shows limited understanding of marketing plans or strategy

Level 3

4–3 marks Good analysis of argument

Level 2

2–1 marks Limited analysis of argument

Level 1

Relevant answers might include the following: • • • • • marketing planning will encourage investigation and reflection in the proposed strategic decision about the move to Romania will help to give...
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