Reviewer of Visual Basic 6

Topics: Data type, ASCII, Data types Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Reviewer of Visual Basic 6.0 and
Type| Stores| Memory required| Values|
Boolean| Logical value| 2 bytes| True, False|
Byte| Binary number| 1 byte| 0 to 255 (unsigned)|
Char| One character| 2 bytes| One character|
Date| Date and Time information| 8 bytes| Returns date and time| Decimal| Fixed-point number| 16 bytes| Large number values| Double| Floating-point number| 8 bytes| Number with decimal places| Integer| Integer| 4 bytes| Whole numbers|

Long| Integer| 8 bytes| Whole numbers |
Object| Object reference| 4 bytes| N/A|
Short| Integer| 2 bytes| -32,768 to 32,767|
Single| Floating-point number| 4 bytes| Number with decimal values| String| Text| Varies| 0 to approximately 2 billion characters.| Tool Name| Purpose|
Pointer| Allows you to move and size forms and controls| Label| Displays text that the user cannot edit during run time.| Command button| Responds to as user click to trigger an event.| TextBox| Accepts and displays text that the user can edit during run time.| CheckBox| Displays a box that indicates whether an option is selected or deselected| Option Box| Displays a button that indicates whether an option is selected or deselected.| GroupBox| Provides a visual and functional container for controls; similar to the Panel control, but can display a caption but no scroll bars.| PictureBox| Displays graphics in bitmap, GIF, JPEG, metafile, or icon format.| Frame| Provides a visual and functional container for controls; similar to the GroupBox control, but can display scroll bars but no caption| ListBox| Displays a list of values from which the user can select.| ComboBox| Displays a drop-down list of items|

ListView| Displays items in one of four views (text only, text with small icons, text with large icons, or report view.| HScrollBar| Displays a horizontal scroll bar|
VScrollBar| Displays a vertical scroll bar|...
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