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Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, Katipunan Pages: 3 (612 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Chapter 9
The Campaign For Reforms (1882-1892)

1872-date when violate events happened that led to significant developments in colonial Phil. Filipinos started to air their complaints through:
-organized societies
Propaganda Movement (1882)-reform movement
Cortes-Spanish lawmaking body
Assimilation- process of making the Phil. A province of Spain, granting of Spanish citizenship to Filipinos, allow the Indios to be finally called Filipinos The important Filipino reformists were:

1.Garciano Lopez Jaena-great orator
2.Jose Rizal-great thinker and writer
3.Marcelo H.del Pilar-great political analyst and journalist Others are:
Jose Maria PAnganiban, Antonio Luna, Mariano Ponce, Eduardo de Lete Graciano Lopez Jaena
-Fray Botod
-first editor of the La Solidaridad (Solidarity)
Aims of the Newspaper
-to fight reaction
-to stop all efforts to keep the Phil . A backward country
-to extol liberal ideas
-to defend progress
Spanish writers who are anti-Filipino
-Pablo Feced
-Wenceslao E. Petana
*Pearl Of The Orient
Demands Of the Filipino reformists:
-representation in the Spanish Cortes
-the right to vote
-freedom of speech, of assembly, and of the press,
-freedom of commerce
-the removal of the friars from the Philippines because they were the obstacle to progress -the education of the people
-reforms in the jails of the country
-the abolition of the diezmos prediales or the tithe consisting of the one tenth of the produce of the land. Cause of death: hunger and illness
Date of Death: Jan.20,1896
Place of Death: Barcelona,Spain
Jose Rizal
-the most brilliant of the Filipinos during his time (Calamba,Laguna------June 19,1861) 1.Noli Me Tangere (Touch me Not)—the novel he wrote at the age of 26 2.El Felibusterismo (The Rebel)
La liga Filipina-patriotic society w/c was suspectedof uniting the people and preparing the Filipinos for revolution. Executed in:Bagumbayan Field (Dec.30,1896)
Marciano Lopez Jaena...
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