Review Sheet Chapter 11,12,13,14

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  • Published: April 27, 2013
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Review Sheet chapters 11,12, 13, 14

Piaget's Cognitive Developmental Theory: Piaget’s stages of cognitive development: Sensorimotor- Infant -6mos.
Preoperational- 2-6mos.
Concrete Operations- 6-11mos.
Formal Operations- 12-
Sensorimotor- birth to age 2- initial major stage of cognitive behavior/ invariant order of stages individual different innate 1.Simple Reflexes ( 0-1 month)
2.Habits and primary circular reactions (1-4 month)
Activity that permits the construction of cognitive schemes through repetition chance motor event •Primary repeating of interesting of enjoyable actions
3.Secondary circular reaction (4-8 months) e.g. shake rattle 4.Coordination of secondary circular reaction (8-12 months) goal directed behavior object permanence *Understanding object continue to exist* 5.Tertiary circular reactions (12-18 months) desirable consequences 6.Beginning of thought (18-24 months) *Ability to form Mental Pic* 1.Capacity for mental representation (symbolic thought)

Ability to pretend
Deferred imitation
Strengthening of object permanence
Information Processing:
Encoding- Process of information is initially recorded in form usable to memory Storage- Maintenance of material saved in memory
Retrieval- Process which material in memory storage is located (awareness and use) Infantile Amnesia- Lack of memory for experiences that occurred before 3 yrs. Language: systemic, meaningful arrangement of symbolic and provides the basis for communication Phoneme- to the basic sounds of language; produce words and sentences Morpheme- smallest language unit that communicates meaning

Semantics- the rules that govern the meaning of words and sentences Linguistic comprehension- the understanding of speech
Linguistic production- use of language to communicate
Babbling- speech-like meaningless sounds infants make about 2-3 months until 1 yr. Holophrase- one word utterance that depend the particular context which are used to determine...
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