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Topics: French and Indian War, Canada, Ohio River Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: January 14, 2013
CH. 6 REVIEW SHEETNAME _______________________________________ AP. US HISTORY I


* Samuel Champlain-father of new France
* Couriers de bois- runners of the woods, hunting for beavers * William Pitt-British general who replaces the older generals. “Great commoner” * Treaty of Utrecht-Treaty between France and Britain, which set a period of peace * Salutary Neglect-They let people live, Britain didn’t intercede in the lives of the colonists * Siege- surround the enemies so they can’t get out/ constrain them * Proclamation of 1763- King George the 3rd proclaimed it; all the colonists were to the right of the App. mountains, no settlement west of it. Indians are in the west


* War of Jenkins Ear
* Causes? A Spaniard sliced off the ear of Jenkins.
* Where? Was fought in the Caribbean Sea
* French & Indian War (a.k.a. 7 years War)
* Causes? Territorial disputes between French and British. * Results? British won, The French left. It’s all British territory, they’re viewed as number 1 now. To the colonist’s eyes, they think that British aren’t that great because they took so long to win. It hurt the ties between both the colonists and the British. This started tensions between both and British asked “why didn’t the colonists support them in the war”. British started tax because they lost money in the war so they tax the colonists, colonists hate this.


* Why was France “late to the party” in terms of colonizing North America? * There were a lot of issues going on in France like wars. * Why were beavers so valuable to the French?
* Because of their furs
* What was George Washington’s involvement in 7 Years War? * He was a General and lost his first battle in Ohio country. * Why did France & Britain want the Ohio River Valley?
* They had very good land.
* Albany Plan (A.k.a. Albany Congress)
* Main...
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