Review of the Patriot

Topics: Francis Marion, Reality, Film director Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: December 13, 2012
In the text from the Patriot the author highlights many historical inaccuracies, one of those being the fact that in the text the British cavalry wore a red dress uniform. In reality they were given the name Green Dragoons because of the obvious fact a green coat was worn during battle. Another misleading fact in the movie The Patriot was the main character Benjamin Martin. Benjamin Martin was a made up character for movie purposes. The actual events for his character a made up of multiple real life characters such as, Francis Marion.

In my opinion I believe that historical inaccrices harm are understandings of history. The reason is because it gives a false sense of what actually took place, whether it is by changing the name of characters, time and or location. I think that if you are going to make a historical film stick to the true facts as they happened. By changing the timeline of the events in a way you are trying to change history. The film the Patriot harmed history and I would not use that as a main teaching source or study guide. Some positives that can be taken from the movie would be the battle formations that where used to show what a historical battle might have looked like and what weapons could have been used during that period of time in history. With that being said I do believe that directors and film writers do butcher and re-write real life event s to please a certain crowd of viewers for entertainment and just a lack of respect for what really happened.
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