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Review of Journal Articles
Newspapers are considered as one of the most powerful sources of sharing information and enriching knowledge bank. These articles present issues that are interwoven with teaching English through English newspapers in an English as a Second language classroom. Most ESL teachers will choose newspapers as an authentic reading activities. Naveen K.M (2010) stated that,even after the advent of electronic media, importance and readership of newspapers are stable moreover had great increase. According to Lucille Dass (1989) English Teaching Forum in January 1986 surely rank newspapers as ‘an endless source of materials for the innovative teacher. So these articles take a fresh look at newspaper, suggests various activites and how to use it authentically. Development

This article clearly examining the history of the newspaper as an authentic materials selected, advantages and disadvantages of its use, suggest interesting activities that can be implemented and how to implement that in ESL classroom. Naveen K. Mehta wrote in her journal that the newspapers can be very potentials for the Learning Disabled Institution to build an individualized institutional programme (Monda, Vail and Koorland, 1988 ). I like to read and surf further more about that kind of activities, the way they implemented. Lucille Dass (1989) listed twelve reason why most teachers choose to use newspapers in the ESL classroom. One of the reason is that newspapers contains wealth of information that is wide ranging advertisements, entertainments, sports, current issues, cartoons, comics, reviews, special features and many more interesting students as teenage . As far as I concern, students in ESL classroom with various interest and background, of course it will bridge the gap between their classroom and their real world. Charles Kelly, Lawrence Kelly, Mark Offner and Bruce Vorland ( 2002 ) explains on how newspapers can be effectively used in ESL...
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