Retention Management

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Chapter 14
Retention Management
Turnover and Its Causes

True / False Questions

1. There are several positive, functional outcomes of employee turnover. True False

2. Avoidable turnover is that which could have been prevented by actions like a pay raise or a new job assignment. True False

3. An employee's perceived desirability of movement can depend on reasons that have little or nothing to do with the job. True False

4. An employee's overall intention to quit depends on the desirability of leaving, ease of leaving, and alternatives available to the employee. True False

5. Employees who have a high intention to quit necessarily end up quitting their jobs. True False

6. Desirability of movement is a weak predictor of voluntary employee turnover. True False

7. Availability of promotions or transfers may lessen or eliminate any intentions to quit, even though the employee is very dissatisfied with the current job. True False

8. Discharge turnover is primarily due to extremely poor person/organization matches. True False

9. Downsizing turnover is a reflection of a staffing level mismatch in which the organization actually is, or is projected to be, overstaffed. True False

10. Of the three types of employee turnover, discharges are the most prevalent. True False

Multiple Choice Questions

11. The types of employee turnover include ___________.
A. voluntary
B. discharge
C. downsizing
D. all of the above

12. Discharge turnover is usually due to ___________.
A. a site or plant closing
B. permanent layoff
C. poor employee performance
D. none of the above

13. Turnover due to organizational downsizing is classified as ______. A. voluntary
B. involuntary
C. supplemental
D. it depends on the circumstances of the downsizing

14. The desirability of leaving an organization is often an outgrowth of _________. A. poor person/organization match
B. favorable labor market conditions
C. general, transferable KSAOs
D. none of the above

15. An employee's intention to leave an organization is influenced by __________. A. perceived desirability of movement
B. perceived ease of movement
C. alternatives available to the employee
D. all of the above

16. Ease of leaving is greater when ____.
A. employees are highly embedded
B. employees possess ample employer-specific KSAOs
C. labor markets are loose
D. all of the above

17. Downsizing is typically a reflection of __________.
A. overstaffing
B. understaffing
C. an appropriate staffing level
D. none of the above

Analysis of Turnover

True / False Questions

18. Data are seldom available regarding when or where employee turnover is occurring in most organizations. True False

19. Research suggests that there are differences between the reasons for turnover that employees provide in exit interviews and the reasons employees provide in anonymous surveys. True False

20. Because it is typically very easy to collect and analyze job satisfaction data meaningfully, most organizations make this a cornerstone of their retention strategy. True False

21. Exit interviews should be conducted by exiting employee's immediate supervisor whenever possible. True False

22. The interviewee in an exit interview should be told that the comments that he/she makes will be confidential and that only aggregate results will be used by the organization. True False

23. Postexit surveys should ask be mailed quite some time after the employee's last day of work so the individual has sufficient time to reflect on his or her experiences. True False

24. Economic costs associated with voluntary turnover include accrued paid time off and temporary coverage. True False

25. Material and equipment costs are likely to be the most prevalent in replacement and training costs. True False

26. The primary...
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