Response Questions - Peer Pressure

Topics: Mental disorder, Bullying, Schizophrenia Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Response Questions
a) How does the pressure of peers influence young people’s decision making abilities? - Peer pressure influences young people in a lot of different ways including fashion choice, alcohol and drug use and academic performance. Young people, when with their peers, are more likely to take risks to seem impressive or ‘cool’. b) Define resilience and discuss 3 examples of situations young people could find themselves in that they would need this to help them cope. - Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from a bad experience. Some examples of situations in which young people might need resilience to help them cope are: • If the person has a drug or alcohol problem

• If the person has seen or been though domestic violence
• If the young person has lost someone very close to them
• If the young person is being bullied or has been brutally bashed in a physical fight. c) In what ways does alcohol diminish your ability to make safe decisions in regards to your sexual health? - Young people take more risks when they are intoxicated. Alcohol is a depressant is slows down your brain and diminishes the ability to think properly. When under the influence of alcohol, a person does not think of the consequences of a certain act – just the fun involved in the moment. Pressure from individuals or a group on top of the alcohol can cause the person to make unsafe decisions. d) Why are young people more likely to take risks in regards to their sexual health? Explain 3 of these risks, the degree of the risk involved – low, medium or high, including why you think they would be that degree. - Most young people are very inexperienced when it comes to sexual encounters. This makes them take more risks because they are just simply curious. Peer pressure can also cause young people to take sexual risks. Some young people simply take sexual risks to fit in with their group of friends. e) Discuss the interrelationship between medical health issues, drug...
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