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The Responsibility Project: No Phone Zone Day
ETH/316: Ethics and Social Responsibility
University of Phoenix

The Responsibility Project: No Phone Zone Day
As community members, we have responsibilities. One of our most important responsibilities is social responsibility because it requires all of us to make a difference. The issue in the video is using the cell phone while driving. Using a cell phone while driving is an organizational issue because it disrupts the justice system and results in many victims. According to the No Phone Zone video an estimated 812,000 people use mobile devices while driving, one out of three teen drivers admit to texting while driving, 5,870 people were killed and 515,000 people were injured because of distracted drivers (2010). This growing ethical issue has compelled people to take a stand on April 30, 2010 to form an awareness day called No Phone Zone Day (No Phone Zone Day, 2010). Not only is driving while using a cell phone an ethical issue, it is currently a legal issue as well in many states. Using ethical principles to address organizational issues

Ethical principles can be used to address organizational issues through awareness and support. The ethical principle in the No Phone Zone Day video is how to be socially responsible (Liberty Mutual, 2011). . Even though this issue has become more of a legal issue, law enforcement officials cannot minimize the incident on their own. They need help from outside forces such as politicians and community members to create awareness. People are less likely to break the law or a legal code if they are aware. Different types of support are needed to help prevent these types of organizational issues from happening. Financial support and moral support are two of the most important. Financial support is important to fund awareness activities and moral support is needed so drivers have knowledge of right and wrong. Importance of the issues in the film

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