Respect for Life

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Before talking my opinion of this matter, I would like to share something about the local phenomenon. Nowadays, students have a lot of pressure and vexations. As a student, certainly I will have worries and feel stressed sometimes. In some trifling cases, teenagers may suffer from insomnia. In some more serious cases, they may take drugs, or even commit suicide. However, I do not agree with these ways of some teenagers as to release their pressure. They always think that they are suffering, so they want to end up their life as to end up their pain.

Do they really understand the meaning of suffering? In Romans5: 3-5, it points out that suffering, difficulties brings growth. It is also a blessing in disguise. It is a very important concept to cherish, and also respect our life. God creates us and gives us a precious life, therefore we should treasure it, but not just try to end it up by ourselves. Some people are very pessimistic. When they are sick, they may receive some painful medical treatment like electrotherapy, gastric lavage. Then they easily give up and asked to have euthanasia! What is the point of having this kind of request? How can they be so disdainful towards their valuable life? I don’t see the point.

In Matthew 6: 31-34, it tells us that God will provide us everything. It is no need to worry and thus, it is foolish and meaningless to end up our life with these little problems, just do our best and let God do the rest. Also, God wants us to enjoy our life- it is a plan of love. From Genesis 1: 26-31, we know that God give us the best things. We should follow God’s will: to treasure our life and spread love to others. Even when we face challenges, we should not try to give up, so it’s our lives.

Therefore, it is why we should respect our lives.
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