Research (Subject) Reflection Paper

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Research Reflection
When we were younger, we were introduced with general science concepts when were in elementary. This helped us to further understand our surroundings and this serves as the answer for most of the questions we once had in mind. Everything was just contained in the four walls of our classroom. The only thing that works for us when we try to explore and delve deeper into the world of science is our pure imagination. We, humans, are born curious individuals. We want to know more and like to learn as much as we can. There would come a time in our lives that we just cannot be contained in the solid walls of our classroom. We would like to explore and be hands-on with nature. Thanks to the subject Research especially the topics discussed in third year high school, we were able to explore and work hands-on. When making and conducting our research thesis paper, we were able to be more involved. The concepts that were just formerly abstract and require our imaginations to fuel and ignite ideas and visualize thoughts now come in contact one-on-one with us. It was the real thing.

I now find learning things and concepts fun since I was able to do things and apply the concepts and materialize it. Researching may seem hard and requires a lot of one’s time and effort but in the end, discovering or proving something either true or false like one’s hypothesis is all worth the hardship and effort. Our hard work was well paid off.
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