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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Research Methods

1.) Triangulation in a qualitative research study is used to formulate valid and reliable conclusion and can use different methods to search or to gather data. Collecting and comparing information from different aspects can confirm reliability as well as validity. Triangulation in qualitative research not only involves the researcher, but gives peer researchers a chance to view how the study was conducted and interpret it in their own way which can influence the final results. It is important to have others view the way a study was examined, different viewpoints can raise certain questions about a study and if the study was performed in an accurate manner, which leads to more valid results.

2.) A confidence interval signifies a set of particular values, it measures the probability that the population parameter will stay within the set range. Wide and narrow Confidence intervals allow the researchers to see if there is any chance of uncertainty associated with the sample hypothesis and how stable the hypothesis is, also can distinguish who to regard as well as disregard.

3.) Statistical power can detect the probability that the test given will reject the hypothesis if it is false. Statistical power represents the likelihood of saying that there is a relationship, disparity, gain, when one is present. As the power increases or decreases it allows the researcher to detect error. Statistical power is also important because it can measure a small sample allowing the researcher to compare and examine if it affects the sample and a whole, applying statistical power can determine important information about the subject even if it is not significant.

4.) Case control studies typically answer the “how” or “why” of a particular research question, results are usually formulated in a short time span, and involve the relationship between two variables. Case control studies display data which allows the researcher to...
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