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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the requisite conceptual and practical skills in social science that will enable them to critically think about questions of philosophy and theory that inform the research practice, and enable them to competently conceptualise, design/formulate and execute a research project The course will be conducted through lectures, seminars and group consultations


Course work-30 Written Exam-70

Course Outline

1. Fundamentals of social science research
Definitions and theoretical issues (research, theory, hypothesis and science); basic elements of empirical research; purpose of research (exploration, description, prediction and explanation); “the scientific approach, other sources of knowledge; and the research process 2. Philosophies underlying research in the social sciences Philosophy of science (ideology, epistemology, ontology and methodology); empirical –analytical science (empiricism, positivism); historical hermeneutical science (behaviourism, phenomenology, existentialism, idealism and pragmatism); Critical science (Marxist approaches- marxism; realism, post modernism, post structuralism and feminism); Deductive and Inductive approaches, survival of hypotheses and paradigm shifts, theoretical influences on social research methods, social sciences and grounded theory. Which approach is best? 3. Role of theory in communication Research

4. Developing a research project- Introduction to research design Types of research (participatory research, action-oriented research, causal-comparative research, survey research, descriptive research, evaluation research etc); qualitative and quantitative research designs; experimental and quasi-experimental designs; mixed methods designs 5. Structure of a research and proposal writing- Introduction (Choosing a topic/identifying a problem, narrowing the focus- The background; research questions and hypotheses, research objectives;...
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