Report on Factors That Influence Juvenile Delinquency

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Conduct disorder Pages: 8 (1600 words) Published: February 4, 2013

What factors contributing to the level of juvenile delinquency in Fairview Park?


What are factors that influence juvenile delinquency? (Causes) How are persons affected by the juvenile delinquent? (Effects) What measures can be implanted in stopping these juvenile delinquents? (Solution)


This topic ‘factors contributing to the level of juvenile delinquency in the community ‘was chosen because children are involve in robbery, the defacing of public property, causing a lot mischief in the school This topic chosen for the research was no other than the effects, causes and solution to juvenile delinquency of the community in Fairview Park. This topic was chosen by me because it was part of the S.B.A choices.

Juvenile Delinquents can be best defined as someone under the age of 18 years who is involved in illegal activities. I would like to investigate the many effects, causes, and solution of this problem which is affecting my community.


In order to collect data from the survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires. Questionnaires - It is a document with a set of questions that were handed out to be filled in by students. This method was used mainly because it allows respondents who have little time to respond. Questionnaires will be administered to a class. In addition, respondents will feel more confident to participate, since their identities would not be known. Most importantly, it is possible to compare the responses of many respondents.

The questionnaire as a tool for collecting data has a number of advantages: * It requires little time to be completed.
* It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it completed. * It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to attach their names.


Copy of questionnaire
Dear students,
My name is Rasheed Hemmings; I am a grade 11 student of the St. Catherine High School, and I am working to complete a research on the topic ‘Factors Contributing ToThe Level of Juvenile Delinquency in the Community’.

I am seeking your assistance in completing this study. The following questionnaire is required to be filled out with an open-mind and must be honest. No answers would be deemed correct or incorrect and there is no need for your names. Most of the questions can be answered with a tick in the box like this. Instructions will be given were necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Rasheed Hemmings

School Questionnaires

1. What sex/gender are you?
a) male
b) female

2. What age group are you between?
a) 18-25
b) 26-30
c) 31-40
d) Other _________________

3. How many years have you been living in this are?
a) 1-3 years
b) 3-5 years
c) 5-7 years
d) 7-10 years
e) Other _______________

4. To which ethnic group do you belong?
a) African descent
b) Chinese descent
c) Indian descent
d) Mixed descent

5. Which of following, do you think is the main cause of Juveniles becoming delinquents in your community? 1. Lack of education
2. Poverty
3. Peer Pressure
4. Other ________________

6. What is the most committed crime in the community by juvenile delinquents? a) Robbery
b) Vandalism
c) Assault
d) Other ___________________

7. Do you think parent are to be held responsibility for their children behavior? a) Yes
b) No

8. Which of these causes do you think is commonly found in your community? a) Stress
b) Conduct disorder
c) Anti-social behavior
d) Mental disorder

9. Who do think is the mostly affected juvenile delinquency? a)...
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