Renewable alternative energies sources

Topics: Biofuel, Fossil fuel, Energy Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: April 29, 2013
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Renewable alternative energies sources- such as solar water and biomass that are more or less continuously made available in a tim from work useful to people nonrenewable alternative energies- energy sources including nuclear and geothermal that are dependent on fuels or a resource that may be used up much faster than it is replenished by natural processes bio fuel- an energy recovered from biomass- organic matter such as plant material - animal waste digestion- poop (waste ) "digested' by microorganisms to make methane solar thermal

Passive- architectual designs that enhance absorbation of solar energy by using and adjusting for natural changes that occur throughout the year, w/out mechanical power. Active- requires mechanical power to circulate air, water, or heat is stored until used, ex. pumps etc. Solar collectors- provide space heating or hot water are usually flat parts consisting of a glass covered plate over a black background where an absorbing fluid is circulated throug tubes. solar radiation enters glass + is absorbed by black background Heat is emitted from black material heating fluid circulating in tubes. Phytovadtaic cells- made of thin layers of semi conducts when sunlight hits cells,electrons flow at through wires =energy power tower- collects heat from solar energy and delivers it in form of system to turbines that produce electric power two options: electrolysis (using electricity currents to separate H from H2O requires electricity; or thermal process in which steam combined with natural gas (CH4) remove © leaving (H) depends on fossil fuels + releases some CO2; H can also be produced by gasification of biomass doesn't depend on conditions (like solar and wind) can be stored in batteries -small scale- designed for individual homes farms small industries - site specific -lare scale big domes pumps turbines

pros: clean power, no fossil rules, doesn't pollute atmosphere, produces no radio...
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