Remote Deposit Capture Project

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Part 1: Project Integration Management
Recently, several banks have started offering customers remote deposit capture. With this new service, customers do not have to physically go to banks or ATM machines to deposit checks anymore. Instead, they can send checks as a scanned image through an Internet portal provided by the bank. This technology can save banks and customers time and money making the transactions. Blue Bank is considering implementing this new service. To use it, costumers need a remote capture account with Blue Bank and a special scanner to get the necessary images to make the electronic deposit. Once the account is established in the system, customers will be able to scan all of their checks anytime and anywhere by accessing the Blue Bank service through the Internet, logging in, and scanning the checks. The service should be as easy as sending an attachment in an email. Of course, this new application has to be very reliable, secure, and easy to use. It must be integrated into the current Blue Bank Web site, and the Web site must also provide the ability for customers to purchase the special scanner. Blue Bank will set up the scanner-purchasing ability with several appropriate hardware vendors and sell the devices at its physical banks as well. Blue Bank is not sure yet what to change for the scanners or service. The Web site will also provide online technical support and instructions showing customers how to set up and use the new scanner and service. Support will be provided 24/7 via the Web site and telephone. Tasks

1. Research information on remote deposit capture. Who is using it, and how does it work? Do you think it’s an important feature to provide for banking customers? Why or why not? How much do you think customers would be willing to pay for this service? Summarize your response in a two-page paper citing at least two references. 2. Several managers at Blue Bank are not sure that they should invest in remote deposit capture. The bank prides itself on being customer-oriented, having several large bank buildings, ATMs and remote bank sites in many grocery stores, primarily throughout the Midwest. Many of its customers have banked with Blue Bank their whole lives, but less than half of them use any of its current Internet banking services. The new VP of IT was hired to prepare Blue Bank for the future and to reduce the loss of younger customers who have moved to banks that are more progressive. Based on this information and research on the current banking industry, identify three potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that Blue Bank may be experiencing. 3. Prepare the financial section of a business case for the Remote Deposit Capture Project. Assume the project will take 6 months to complete and cost about $500,000 (year 0 costs). Annual operating costs would be about $150,000 per year for three years. Estimated benefits are about $400,000 per year for three years. Use the business case spreadsheet template to help calculate the NPV, ROI, and year in which payback occurs. Assume a 6.5 percent discount rate. 4. Prepare a project charter for the Remote Deposit Capture Project. Assume the project will take 6 months to complete and cost about $500,000. Use the project charter template and examples of project charters in Chapters 3 and 4 as guidelines. Assume that the project sponsor will be the new VP of IT, Harold Johnson, you will be the project manager, and you will have people from marketing and IT supporting the project on a part-time basis. The VP of Marketing, Tricia Young, is also a key stakeholder in the project and head of a project steering committee formed to oversee this project. 5. You know that people will be requesting changes to the project and want to make sure you have a good integrated change control process in place. You also know that you want to address change requests as quickly as possible. Review the...
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