Remembre He Titans

Topics: Remember the Titans, T. C. Williams High School, African American Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Remember the Titans
The story takes place in 1971, Alexandria in Virginia State, USA. In the high school of the town, T.C. Williams, there are serious problems between black and white people, furthermore the racial discrimination is present everywhere in the country. For example, a with man killed a black boy just for entering his shop. Hence, the mood is violent, and in the middle of discrimination and racism environment. Theme

The movie shows that we can successfully set aside our differences in culture, and race to work together as a team. Also Over-coming racism, and Over-coming adversity with Strength, Unity, Courage, Brotherhood, Pride,Trust, we can reach success.

Remember The Titans tells the remarkable, inspiring true story about a football team from Virginia, asunder by racial prejudices, and who they obtain the unification and win the championship. The year is 1971, and a young black man, newcomer, named Herman Boon is hired as the head football coach at the town's high school. Consequently, displacing out a white man, Bill Yoast, who had been the head coach for a long time with extraordinary performance. As America struggles through the growing pains of racial integration, these tow men slowly overcame their distrust and learn to respect one another. In the process, they mold a group of angry, unfocused boys into a dynamic, winning team, and prove that heroes come in all colors. Conflict

In the summer of 1971, two high schools of different races in Alexandria, Virginia , where integrated forming T.C. Williams high school. The Caucasian head coach of The Titans is replaced by an Afro-American coach from North Carolina. Tension arises when players of different races are forced together on the same football team. Rising action

The school was divided into two sides, the group of Afro-Americans and the Caucasian. When the football team of T.C. Williams first met and had problems getting along the coach Boone makes them go to...
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