Religion Opinions

Topics: Religion, Morality, Human Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: February 14, 2013
1.) What is religion?
Religion to me is just another barrier that isolates humans from one another. Much like skin color. We argue, debate and go to war simply because of our beliefs and disagreements which is rather ridiculous for such a "civilized" group of mammals. Though in my honest opinion, you can't argue nor debate on a topic without any physical evidence of it ever happening in the first place. Though I do understand the need for a religion, it's for people who need something to fall back on and to look forward to , to continue living. It can also bring a community closer together and give us hope for miracles because they do happen. Religion can give us strength, power and knowledge but it can sometimes be misinterpreted and abused.

But then again, religion isn't always about a God. It can be about festivals and activities and those can be fun and bring a community much closer by creating bonds. And then there are those who serve and help in the name of God, which is really kind and helpful to everyone (community service, prayer service groups etc). And then there is a possibility of religion being a conspiracy. I personally don't believe this, but it is definitely a possibility. The conspiracy is that religion "brain-washes" people to build a community for power, money and trust within the people and using that against the government. If this conspiracy is true, it has proven rather successful. If so, than religion can be a powerful and dangerous weapon if abused.

2.) Are you religious?
Unfortunately I did not have a say in whether or not I wanted to be part of this Christian community. But I am baptised, I did go through reconciliation and Confirmation. But I didn't have a say in any of those blessings. And in those 14 years , not once was I convinced into believing the majority of the stories in the bibles or the teachings of the church. But I do follow the ten commandments, but mostly because the majority of them are basic human rules or...
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