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  • Published: November 19, 2013
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Religion and Belief Systems in Australia post-1945
Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualties
European term referring to essence of truth in Aboriginal religious belief Country/Ritual estate
Area of land which a community has particular responsibility which contains sites of significance Elders
Moral & spiritual leaders of communities who pass on knowledge Kinship system
Networks of relationships governing interactions between members of language groups Ceremonial life
Use of song, dance & symbolism to ritualise connections between totemism & ceremony Corroborree
Dance ceremony that may take the form of sacred ritual or informal gathering Balance rites
Rituals to bring about harmony in nature which aim to cause the protification of a certain animal, plant of natural phenomena connected with a particular ancestral spirit being Rituals
Religious or secular in nature – can be described as patterned series of activities capable of being repeated Sacred sites
Natural land formations where Ancestral Spirits interacted with creating Totemism
An entity – plant, animal or natural object – that has become the token or emblem of an individual or language group. The entity cannot be gathered, hunted or even painted by those who have it as their totem since it is believed to link them to the spiritual force responsible for their existence Advocacy

Actions by churches or Christian groups on behalf of minorities disregarded by those in authority Assimilation
Government policy adopted in 1951 that required all Aboriginals & part-Aboriginal people to live as members of a single Australian community Evangelise
Preaching the gospel
The policy of forcing Aboriginal people to reject their own religion and to accept Christianity & moving then to missions Government reserves
Reserves run by the government where Aboriginals were removed to Dispossession
The removal of Aboriginal people from their land which led to...
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