Relative Clauses

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Relative Clauses - Exercises
1. Re-write the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original. You must use a relative pronoun.

a. I bought a house. It was advertised in the local paper. b. Mary works in our office. Her husband is a plastic surgeon. c. Venice is a wonderful place. We spent our last holiday there. d. He showed us how to create a computer-based game. It was very interesting. e. I've just finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It is an amazing book. f. That's the boy. I told you about him last night.

g. They've sold the house. I wanted to buy it.
h. Helen has just arrived. She had a car accident.
i. They've sold the grocery. I used to go shopping there. j. My sister has won a DVD player. Her children love watching films.

2. Are these relative clauses Defining or Non-Defining?

a. London, which is the capital of England, is one of the largest cities in the world. b. This is the dress my mother has made for me.
c. Queen Elizabeth II, who is 83, has been the queen of England for 57 years now. d. That's the dog that bit me.
e. Tom Cruise, who has starred a lot of films, is a famous American actor. f. The village where I grew up is very small.
g. Greg, whose job involves travelling a lot, has been in nearly all the countries in the world. h. The office I have just rented is near my home.
i. This is the officer that arrested the burglar.
j. Lady Gaga, who is a well-known pop star, is only 24.

3. Study the situations and then decide which of the following relative clauses are correct.

a. I have three brothers.
My brother who lives in Seattle came to see me last month.
My brother, who lives in Seattle, came to see me last month. b. I have one sister.
My sister who is 25 years old spent her holiday in France.
My sister, who is 25 years old, spent her holiday in France. c. Bob's mom has lost her keys.
Bob's mom...
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