Relationship Discussion Questions

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Relationship Chapter Discussion Questions

1. Explain the idea of “quanxi” and how it relates to the principles behind collectivist’s attitude toward friendships. -People in the Chinese culture typically make few short-term acquaintances. And friendships are based on quanxi, or social connections. Decision making in collectivist cultures such as Japan, Korea, and China is highly dependent on family members. Families typically decide on their children’s university, profession, and marital partner.

2. Explain the individualist’s attitude toward friendships. -Individualist cultures perceive friendships as mostly voluntary and spontaneous. Individualists (Americans) tend to emphasize passion and intimacy.

1. Define the term “family.”
-A “network of people who share their lives over long periods of time bound by ties of marriage, blood, or commitment, legal or otherwise, who consider themselves as family and who share a significant history and anticipated future of functioning in a family relationship.”

2. Explain how the family relationship affects other interactions. -The family in which we are raised strongly influences our relationships throughout our lifetime. Early patterns of attachment with our parents affect the attachments we form as adults. Children who are allowed to be both affectionate and independent with their mothers are likely to be comfortable with intimacy and trust in adulthood.

3. Identify the reasons for establishing friendships.
-We establish friends based on:
a) Similarity- we tend to be attracted to people who validate who we
are and what we believe.
b) Need fulfillment- provide something that the other person needs,
someone to listen to, and enjoy
c) Support- We expect our friends to be there for us. We count on friends to accept us even with our flaws and to accept us as we change over time.

4. Identify problems that may occur at work when cross sex...
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