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Topics: Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild, Alaska Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: March 23, 2013
1 - Into the Wild shows a man who journey’s through the country in order to find peace and belonging. Christopher McCandless or ‘Alexander Supertramp’ was a man who wished not to conform to the way society was governed, he did no want to be sucked into the depths of technology which has consumed the minds of many people. He only wished to live simply as one would have one thousand years ago. Into the wild strongly relates to the concept of belonging in many ways. In May 1990 McCandless graduates from Emory University with high honors. Instead of doing joining the workforce and being ruled by a world filled with laws he chooses to leave the world he has always know and been affiliated to start a new adventure. He does not tell anybody of his departure, as he wants to take this journey alone.

Chris finds happiness and belonging when he reaches the Alaskan wilderness, it consists of no civilization or even signs of civilization apart from the abandon bus that he finds refuge in. The film shows that although McCandless is greeted by society with open arms, a life that would have been very tempting, he chooses not to conform to the way everyone else lives.

Rubric: A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world.

On McCandless’s journey he comes into to contact with many different types of people and communities, from hippies to his fellow worker at a fast food restaurant. He finds many different characters, who have all found their place to belong in society, they have merged to form groups, all with their own ethics and beliefs. Many of these places suit Chris’s lifestyle but he still chooses to venture alone, as he is still unable to find the place where he really feels at home. He meets new people all the time who give him valuable knowledge on life. One occasion in particular is when McCandless encounters Ron Franz, a retired man who served in the United States army. McCandless...
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