Related Literature About Juvenile Delinquency

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In the present chapter the investigator is made an attempt to report the literature based upon the various aspects of juveniles / delinquents programme. A study of relevant literature is an essential step to get a full picture of what has been done and said abroad and in one’s own country with regard to the p roblem.

Similar studies were seen conducted in various countries regarding the p roblems of juvenile delinquency with regard to the children having excess energy who were not able to u tilize this energy profitably to the betterment of the society and for the refinement of the children themselves. The related studies pertaining to this research are presented in the following heads: 1 . Studies related to Juvenile Delinquency

2 . Studies related to Yogic Practices on Motor Fitness Components 3 . Studies Related to Yogic Practices on Physiological Variables 4 . Studies Related to Yogic Practices on Psychological variables 5 . Studies on Physiological Variables

6 . Studies on Psychological Variables

Cavin (2001)

made a study

to identify and explore personality

characteristics of juvenile delinquents, to compare those characteristics with those o f the general population, and determine if there are significant differences, as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), between the personality characteristics of juvenile delinquents and the general population. Procedures Juvenile delinquents who were adjudicated into a Texas Youth Commission facility in North Texas were subjects for this study. Participants included 186 males who ranged in age from 14 years to 20 years. Statistical analyses were performed for each of the research findings. When comparing MBTI scores of juvenile delinquents to the general population, significant differences were found on the dichotomous scales, temperaments, function p airs, and types. Conclusions b ased upon the findings of this study, the following conclusions were made. All type preferences are represented within the juvenile delinquent population. The MBTI can be useful in responding to the education and rehabilitation needs of juvenile delinquents. Knowledge of personality type can help caregivers meet the needs of juvenile delinquents. Understanding personality type preference can serve to provide a deeper understanding of the behaviors that lead to adjudication o f juvenile delinquents. A discovery of the types of adolescents who are adjudicated could lead to preventive measures, early detection, and early intervention for students at risk of becoming juvenile delinquents.

Dietrich et al (2001)

examined relationships between prenatal and

postnatal exposure to Pb (serial blood Pb determinations) and antisocial and delinquent behaviors (self- and parental reports) in a prospective longitudinal b irth cohort of 195 urban, inner-city adolescents (aged 15-17 years). Prenatal exposure to Pb was significantly associated with a covariate-adjusted increase in the frequency of parent-reported delinquent and antisocial behaviors, while p renatal and postnatal exposure to Pb was significantly associated with a covariate-adjusted increase in frequency of self-reported delinquent and antisocial behaviors, including marijuana use. Use of marijuana itself was strongly associated with all measures of delinquent and antisocial behavior. This p rospective longitudinal study confirmed earlier clinical observations and retrospective studies that have linked Pb exposure with antisocial behavior in children and adolescents. Both prenatal and postnatal exposure to Pb were associated with reported antisocial acts and may play a measurable role in the epigenesist of behavioral problems independent of the other social and biomedical cofactors assessed in this study.

Wong et al. (2001) examined the interactive effects of criminogenic factors on delinquency among youth in China and Hong...
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