Reflective Acount

Topics: Laundry, Washing, WASH Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: March 1, 2013
My Reflective Account
One morning I helped one of my resident (Mrs X) have a wash and get dressed in her bedroom. From handover and reading the care plan I was aware that Mrs X only needed help with washing her back and lower half and placing equipment and clothes within reach as she is unable to walk independently. I also checked this with Mrs X to see if she has any preferences on the assistance that she needed. First I set out the items she needed and made sure she were safely with reach. This included allowing her to make her own choice of toiletries and clothes. I asked her to call for assistance when she was ready for this help. This would allow her privacy and not to feel rushed. When I left I made sure I shut the door to maintain her dignity and washed my hands. When she called I went immediately to assist her complete her washing and dressing. Where possible I allowed her to do as much as possible for her and explained what I was doing. While I was assisting with washing here lower half I noted that the back of her heels appeared to show red marking. I asked her if this was painful at all and explained that I would report this so the Nurse in charge would carry out a pressure area care assessment. As a result of this a pressure relieving mattress was placed on her bed to reduce the risk of pressure sores. Later in the morning I made a written record in the communication book that stated the Mrs X had a full wash this morning and that I had reported that her heels were marking.
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