Reflective Account - Behaviour

Topics: Learning, Lesson plan, Policy Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Reflective account (J)

Record of event: Date: 8/10/12

Numeracy was being taught in the lesson and the teacher had asked me to sit with Boy F has trouble concentrating and has an IEP.

The children had rearranged the tables in the classroom so that everyone was facing forward and two children were sat together at a desk.

From the very start of the lesson Boy F couldn’t sit still. He was messing with his chair, his tie and pencil.

I asked Boy F to concentrate and listen to what the teacher was asking. He did so for a minute but then kept on fidgeting. I removed his pencil and asked him to tuck his tie in his jumper. I tried to encourage him in the arm movements necessary to join in with the class and he did so half-heartedly, but repeatedly wouldn’t sit still and concentrate, disturbing the boy sat next to him.

The teacher praised the boy sat next to Boy F and asked him to come to the front of the class and illustrate to the class the equation that they were solving. This action acknowledged the boy next to him was trying hard and was also an attempt to show Boy F that good behaviour results in praise.

Boy F continued to fidget so the teacher suggested I ask him to stand. He did so but still messed with the table and chair. I asked him to move further away from the table and stand in front of me. He did so.

How did I feel?

I felt a little frustrated that Boy F totally disrespected me and felt that no amount of telling him was going to persuade him to participate in the lesson. I felt glad that the teacher supported me and suggested he stand, this atleast acknowledged to the rest of the class that you need to listen to any adult who is trying to support your learning.

What did I learn about myself, my colleagues or the practice in my setting?

I learnt how useful it was to remove the offending items that were a distraction to Boy F. I learnt how best to...
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