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BSE – E/3 – IRREG.DECEMBER 10, 2012


“If you teach a person what to learn, you are preparing that person for the past. If you teach a person how to learn, you are preparing that person for its future.”

* Cyril Howle -

This quotation for me is a higher order thinking skill which helps the student use his/her cognitive to determine their learning ability or knowledge. It is not just a simple quotation that needs an explanation from each and every student. It is quite confusing that is why we have to analyze the quotation carefully. We have to read it not only twice to define and give emphasis to this message. We must have deeper and wider knowledge, understanding and comprehension on this matter.

On my own perspective, teaching a person “what to learn” means that you are helping the learners on how to use his/her prior knowledge and prior experiences that could help him/her in teaching-learning process. It is very important for a teacher to teach his/her student on how to become effective and efficient in the future by looking back from their past life and to adapt and select the prior experiences that they had. Choose the important experience that is meaningful and useful for their future.

As I’ve read and analyze the quotation, what I understand in teaching a person “how to learn” means: As a teacher we should help the learners with all our best to become successful in their near future. In short, we have to teach the learners in holistic way that will help them understand not only their studies instead to apply their prior knowledge and experiences to a real life situation. To become a successful person in the future that has moral values, dignity, ethics, and with professional attributes.
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